Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day Notes

It feels GREAT to be watching baseball games, absolutely outstanding. Here are a few thoughts:

Yankees v. Orioles:

  • Has anyone noticed that the outfield at Comerica Park is a spot-on impression of Camden Yards? Anyone?
  • Text Message from Kevin (Mobile): “OMG CC makin’ his Yankee debut is on! Boner!”
  • Speaking of Yankee debuts, Teixeira goes 0-4 with a BB, including a 2-out, runners-on-the-corners rally killer. Meanwhile, Sabathia gives up six runs in 4.1 IP, allowing 8 hits, walking 5, and striking out 0. And these guys are earning a paycheck the size of Bolivia’s GDP over the next several years.
  • When you’re up by one run in the 7th, one out, man on first, why do you bring in Jamie Walker’s 6.87 ERA? Right, because you’re the Orioles, and you just figure that the lefty will match up better against the left-handed Cano. Check your stats. Cano hit .292 v. lefties and .263 v. righties last year, and is now hitting 1.000 against Jamie Walker this year. Well done.
  • Joe Morgan: “You look at how great the new Met’s ballpark is, and you say, it’s time for the Cubs to build a new ballpark! Thing is, I don’t know if actual Cubs fans would agree with that statement.” So…?
  • Instant Message from Kevin: “Tigers are comin’ on but the Yankee game is intense right now too. It’s like choosing who do you love more, Mom or Dad?”

Nationals v. Marlins

  • The Nationals are going to need some help this year. In a prelude to the remainder of their season, they were demolished by Hanley Ramirez the Marlins, 12-6. New acquisition Adam Dunn knocked in four of the National’s runs.
  • The Marlin’s interesting 1-4 hitters – Emilio Bonifacio, Jeff Baker, Hanley Ramirez, and Jorge Cantu – combined to knock in 11 runs and went 9-16, (.563). Everyone else? 3-19, (.158).
  • That included an inside-the-park HR from Bonifacio. The first opening day, inside-the-park HR since Carl Yastrzemski. When asked how he felt about that, Emilio’s response? “Who is Carl Yastrzemski?” Uh, beg your pardon?
  • Someone has to ask the question – does Adam Dunn just like playing for bad teams? After eight seasons with the Reds, he is traded to the Diamondbacks, and then becomes a free agent. Does he resign with the Diamondbacks? How about one of the 29 teams that won more than 60 games last year? No thanks. Hello Nationals.

Tigers v. Blue Jays

  • Instant Message from Kevin: “Verlander v. Halladay tonight, that’s all I gotta say. One of my roommates said we should bong a beer for every strikeout, I was like, ‘you’re joking I hope,’ and he goes, ‘yeah but not really.’”
  • Justin Verlander is freaking out up there. Justin – slow down. Take a breath. Get the sign. Breathe again. Throw the ball. In that order. Is this the year Verlander returns to form? 3.2IP, 8 H, 8 ER, 2 BB, 4K. You make the call.
  • Verlander throws 34 pitches in the first inning. You know what that means; we’re going to the bullpen early. And you know what that means. (What it meant was that when Eddie Bonine came in in the 4th, he promptly gave up a 2-run HR to Adam Lind).
  • Roy Halladay will win the Cy Young this year.
  • Rod Allen: “Laird is not really your typical catcher in the terms of the way he can run.” Oh, you must be referring to his 11 career stolen bases. In 19 attempts.
  • Mario Impemba: “Curtis Granderson, and this one has a chance to go, and it’s outta here!” … As the ball lands in the upper deck of the Rogers Centre. Mario Impemba was the only person fooled about the trajectory of that baseball. And is that why no one in Michigan watches a Tigers game on FSN without firing up a drinking game with the announcers? You bet.
  • Adam Lind, DH, Toronto Blue Jays. 6 RBI’s. Why yes, you are correct, that is nearly 1/6th of his total from last year.
  • Enough. Did the Tigers even bother to play spring training games this year? Or did they just figure they’d show up on April 6th and wing it?

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